Appalachian Titlemark

Appalachian's titlemark is to be used as a title line to identify university entities such as colleges, schools, programs, departments, centers, and some events and taglines.

Titlemark guidelines

Do 👍

  • Do use the area of protection. The protected area around the titlemark is equal to the height of a capital letter in the title.

    titlemark area of protedtion
    This area must not be encroached upon by any other text or design elements.
  • Do keep the titlemark legible. If you are unable to read the APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY line of the mark it is too small.
  • Do apply the ® registered symbol. The titlemark is a registered trademark. The ® symbol must be applied when printed on merchandise. It is a best practice to always include the registered symbol.

Don't 👎

  • Don't use acronyms. University entities need to be represented in titlemarks by their full name for clarity and consistency.
  • Don't separate the titlemark elements. The titlemark was created as a single unit. No element of the titlemark can be separated and used as a single graphic.
  • Don't recreate the titlemark. The titlemark must be reproduced from official artwork. You can't change the typeface or any element proportions
  • Don't change the titlemark's aspect ratio. Maintain the aspect ratio of the titlemark when resizing. It should never be stretched or distorted.
  • Don't add elements to the titlemark.
  • Don't style the titlemark. An outline, drop shadow, or bevel should not be used on the titlemark, and the perspective view should not be altered.
  • Don't apply the titlemark on top of busy backgrounds. Busy backgrounds can make the titlemark illegible.
  • Don't use the titlemark on the official university letterhead or business card.

Titlemark options

Option one: Displays only the department or program's name and the university's name.

Appalachian Titlemark

Option two: Displays the department or program's college name below the university's name.

Appalachian Titlemark


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