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Branding guidelines for Appalachian's stationery, business cards, and name badges have been designed with limited options to standardize each.

Brochures, note cards, rack cards, posters, banners, and flyers can all be designed in a variety of styles. They must follow all the identity guidelines and publication requirements.

letterhead and envelope example

Order branded stationery via the Wallace Printing Online Ordering Portal. You will need to login using your App State username and password.


Logo: University logo only

Size: 8.5" x 11"

Ink: black only

Paper: white

No. 10 Business Envelope

Window or without window

Size: 9.5" x 4.125"

Ink: black only and prints on front of envelope, not the flap.

Paper: white

business card

Order business cards via the Wallace Printing Online Ordering Portal. You will need to login using your App State username and password.


  • Business cards are for current staff and faculty employed at Appalachian State University.
  • Only primary contact information should be included. A business card is not meant to provide multiple addresses and phone numbers.
  • The business card is not meant to provide information about your training or level of expertise. Therefore, professional certification initials should not be included. Exceptions are made where the academic certification has a direct bearing on your function represented by the job title on your business card.
  • If you have a doctorate use the title Dr. or use Ph.D. at the end of your name, but do not use both. No courtesy title (Mr., Mrs. or Ms.) is used.

For any questions or problems, please contact Sarah McBryde at

Appalachian employees, including temporary employees, may choose between the four design options.

  • Names should only be on a single line. Appalachian State University graduation years can be included on the name line.
  • Three additional lines may be used for titles and departments designated by the University.
  • Courtesy titles are not included.
  • Professional degrees may be included on the name line if they are relevant to the employee's job.
  • Dr. may be used instead of Ph.D. when appropriate.

Only one size is available to provide consistency across campus: 3" x 2" rectangle

Contact Sarah McBryde at in University Communications to help you create one of these Appalachian branded name badges.

Current Appalachian students who are employed by the university may have a student name badge ordered through the department or area on campus where the student works. All students are required to use a student name badge when wearing an Appalachian State University name badge.

The Appalachian equal opportunity, cost, and recycled paper statements, as well as the Appalachian logo, must appear on university publications.

Equal opportunity statement

The Equal Opportunity statement must be included in all recruiting materials for external audiences, the undergraduate and graduate catalogs and any other course bulletins, and the SPA Employee and Faculty Handbooks. When space is limited the url can be used instead or the whole statement. 

Printing cost and recycled paper statement

State regulations require cost and recycled paper statements on public documents printed in quantities of 200 or more that are produced with state-appropriated funds and intended for use by the public. Only publications printed for the sole purpose of sale to the public or with non-state appropriated funds are exempt from this requirement. The term "cost" shall include direct costs in the form of "labor, materials and other identifiable design, typesetting, printing and binding costs." The costs of writing and editing the publication are excluded if provided by in-house talent. The following wording must be used when printing cost statements:

______ copies of this public document were printed at a cost of $______ or $______ per copy.

Documents printed on recycled paper must contain a "printed on recycled paper" statement and/or the recycled symbol.

Appalachian State University's guideline is to use a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste paper.

Canva is an online graphic design tool used to create social media posts, presentations, posters, flyers and more.

Canva (Free edition)

Free personal or professional Canva account can be created by any user.

Canva for Teams

Canva for teams enables real-time collaboration, shared designs and folders, and centralized brand assets. App State fonts, colors, photos, logos and templates are preloaded into the platform, making it easy to ensure consistency and compliance with brand standards.

A limited number of licenses are available to App State employees in communications roles. Please contact Sarah McBryde, University Communications, at to request a license.

Canva (available for Students only)

All currently enrolled App State students have access to a Canva for Students account for free. Activate your student account with IT Support.

Tutorials and Training

Personal or Previously Created Canva Accounts

Existing designs

If you have existing designs in a previously created Canva account, those designs will remain with the original account, but can be transferred to your new account.

Toggle Between Accounts

Canva accounts cannot be merged, however, the interface does enable users to toggle between accounts.