Name badges

Appalachian employees, including temporary employees, may choose between the four design options.

  • Names should only be on a single line. Appalachian State University graduation years can be included on the name line.
  • Three additional lines may be used for titles and departments designated by the University.
  • Courtesy titles are not included.
  • Professional degrees may be included on the name line if they are relevant to the employee's job.
  • Dr. may be used instead of Ph.D. when appropriate.

Only one size is available to provide consistency across campus: 3" x 2" rectangle

Contact Sarah McBryde at in University Communications to help you create one of these Appalachian branded name badges.

Current Appalachian students who are employed by the university may have a student name badge ordered through the department or area on campus where the student works. All students are required to use a student name badge when wearing an Appalachian State University name badge.