University seal

university seal

University seal guidelines

Appalachian State University seal symbolizes the university at the highest level. The use of the seal is restricted to official university business items, publications and documents that are university-wide in scope and that require approval by the Chancellor before being issued. The seal appears on official documents signed by the Chancellor and/or the chair or members of the Board of Trustees.

Restrictions on merchandise

Use of the seal for retail items is restricted to graduation-related objects, limited upscale products, or exclusive gifts.

The Office of Trademarks and Licensing will review requests for use of the seal for retail items. University Communications coordinates approval of the seal's use with the Office of the Chancellor.

Examples of graduation items include:

  • graduation announcements
  • diploma frames

Examples of upscale retail/gift products include:

  • lapel pins
  • cuff links
  • tie clips
  • pen sets
  • paperweights
  • clocks
  • desk lamps
  • letter openers

Do's and Don'ts 👍 👎

  • Do apply the ® registered symbol. The university seal is a registered trademark. The ® symbol must be applied when printed on merchandise. It is a best practice to always include the registered symbol.
  • Do display the seal in its entirety. The university seal should not be cropped. 
  • Do keep the seal's aspect ratio. Maintain the aspect ratio of the university seal when resizing. It should never be stretched or distorted.
  • Do restrict the seal's color. The preferred color for the seal is black or white,  but it can be printed in gold [Pantone 116C], metallic gold [metallic Pantone 871], or gold foil.
  • Don't separate the seal elements. The university seal was created as a single unit. No element of the seal can be separated and used as a single graphic.
  • Don't recreate the seal. The university seal must be reproduced from official artwork. You can't change the typeface, any element proportions, or colors. 
  • Don't add elements to the university seal.
  • Don't style the seal. An outline, drop shadow, or bevel should not be used on the university seal, and the perspective view should not be altered.
  • Don't apply the seal on top of busy backgrounds. Busy backgrounds can make the university seal illegible.