Communication planning

The most important part of effective messaging is communication planning.

What is a communication plan?

A document that describes how you are going to communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time.

What is the purpose of a communication plan?

To set out and set expectations for:

  • Communications goals
  • Stakeholders and strategies
  • Communications activities and timeframes
Why a communication plan?
  • Organizes your process
  • Shares your goals
  • Framework for prioritizing
  • Ensures everyone knows what is going to happen, how and when
How do I create a communication plan?
  • Establish goals - It can be harder than it sounds. Watch a short video about SMART goals.
    S - Specific
    M - Measurable
    A - Attainable
    R - Relevant
    T - Time-bound
  • Define key audiences
  • Identify key messages
  • Create tactical outreach plan
  • Specify timeline
Communication plan templates

Make a copy of one of the following templates and create your own communication plan.

Consultation and questions

When creating a communication plan, consult with your area's communications liaison. They can assist you in thinking through your strategy and possibly piggyback on other projects that are currently underway.

Communications liaisons with questions should contact Heather Brandon, University Communications.