Campus announcements

The following outlets are designed to promote news and announcements within the campus community. Begin by reviewing email guidelines and best practices for information on how to write professional and on-brand messages.

Faculty and staff

Appalachian Announcements

All faculty and staff are members of a moderated Appalachian Announcements group and can post campus news and announcements for faculty and staff — review guidelines for posting messages.

A digest of messages is sent weekly on Tuesdays — you can read recent messages at any time by visiting the message archive page.

Note: Students do not receive these messages.

Opt-In Special Topic Groups

Opt-in special topic groups: Faculty and staff can also join the “opt-in” special topics groups to receive information about different areas of App State. Note: students are also able to opt-in to these groups. Learn more about special topic groups.

Note: Students are able to opt-in to these groups.

College, Department or Area Populations

Contact the appropriate Communications Liaison to ask about college, department and/or area-specific newsletters or Google Groups.


Engage, managed by Student Affairs, can be used to share news and events with students. Students, faculty and staff can log-in to Engage to view news and events.

Visibility of news and events can be set to the public, members of the institution, or members of organizations within Engage; however, posting permissions are limited. Please contact Engage Support for more information.

Parent & Family Members

The Office of Parent and Family Services sends a monthly newsletter to family members who have opted in to receive communications.

Parent and Family Services invites submissions from campus areas. View the submission guidelines and send the published URL to for inclusion in the monthly newsletter.


The Appalachian State University Alumni Association sends a monthly newsletter to alumni who have opted in to receive communications. Contact the Alumni Association for more information.