Event Promotion

Want to spread the word about your upcoming event?

Create an event page

Promoting your event starts on your own website with an "event page." An event page is a single page about a single event with a single URL on the sponsoring organization's website (NOTE: Must be a URL on an official university website. No google calendar URLs). This "event page" can be a news item, (see this example: Eighth Annual Selu Lecture is March 24, 2021), or, if this is a recurring event, you may choose to create a page that is part of the menu structure (see this example: Visiting Writers Series). 

Multiple sponsors

Before you begin, note that some events have multiple sponsors. In these cases, you should coordinate with the website managers of the other sponsors to determine which website will host the event page. The other websites will then simply link to it.

Include key information

  • Event title
  • Date and time: Make sure to include the year.
  • Location: Link to an online map, where possible.
  • Tickets/Cost of Attendance: If there is no cost, indicate the event is "free of charge and open to the public."
  • Description
  • Contact email and/or phone number for miscellaneous user questions
  • Images: Make any images clickable to high-resolution versions.

If applicable, specify this information

  • Speaker bio or additional info: This can be short and link to the full bio elsewhere
  • Parking: Indicate special parking information, link to parking.appstate.edu
  • More information: Books to plug? Link to publisher.
  • Sponsors
  • About: This section likely is already written; check the Today website

Once you have created and published your event page, email its URL to news@appstate.edu. All remaining efforts are used to drive traffic to it. 

Work with your Communications liaison

Communications liaisons can facilitate the event promotion process and help connect you with the resources that you need.

Connect with your Communications liaison

Event cancellations

Update your event page - post the reason for cancellation and add "Cancelled" to the title of your event page and Google calendar listing.

The same channels that you used to promote your event should also be used to announce its cancellation, so don't forget about emails and social media.

Promote your event!

Appalachian can only promote events that are directly related to or presented by a campus entity.

Office of University Events

The Office of University Events collaborates with campus constituents to strategically create impactful events that enhance the identity, culture, mission, and vision of Appalachian State University. They provide support, guidance, and resources to elevate the quality of events that showcase Appalachian. Learn how the Office of University Events can assist you in making your events a success.

For further assistance, please call 828-262-8485 or email universityevents@appstate.edu

Appalachian Today

Appalachian Today is the news and event hub for the university. It has sections for current/upcoming events as well as ongoing events (such as exhibitions and series) and event-related stories. This site also spools events to other university websites, including the university's primary website and Diversity and Inclusion at Appalachian, so getting your event listed on Appalachian Today makes it eligible to appear on these sites, too.

Submit a request to include your event on Appalachian Today


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Looking to Promote a News Story?

Learn more about media coverage, and what makes a good story.  For more information or questions email news@appstate.edu.

Media outlets

If the event is open to the general public, consider purchasing advertising with our university newspaper, The Appalachian or radio station, WASU.

Or, post it to an online community calendar hosted by a media outlet (see below).