Story Criteria

The UComm Writing Team uses the following criteria to determine when a story request qualifies for publication to Appalachian Today, the news and event hub for the university. App State's strategic initiatives are key.

What makes a good story

  • Aligns with or positively demonstrations one or more of App State's strategic initiatives:
    • Sustainability/resilience.
    • Academic excellence.
    • Support for scholarships.
    • Rural and first-generation student recruitment/retention.
    • Diversity of thought, belief and community.
    • Community and civic engagement.
    • Health, wellness and safety.
    • Undergraduate research.
    • Global learning
  • Is timely.
  • Has an impact, either local or national.
  • Has a recruitment angle.
  • Has a fundraising/giving angle.
  • Has human interest.
  • Is helpful — "news you can use."
  • Is a current trend.
  • Related to issues (and our solutions).

Strong story ideas

  • As specific as possible; include details.
  • Suited for visuals (photography, video, audio).
  • Suited for multiple audiences.
  • Can be used in multiple channels (web, print, email, social).
  • Evergreen (can be used for a long period of time).