Working with University Communications

A Partnership with Communications Liaisons

Our partnership with communications liaisons is critical for delivering coordinated and high-quality communications across varied channels for recruitment, fundraising and promotion and support of major university events and initiatives. 

What to expect when submitting a service request

To support this collaboration, new service requests undergo a review process by the UComm staff that includes input from communications liaisons. Here’s an overview of that workflow:

  1. Submit a Request for Service

  2. The Communications Liaison, if identified in the form, will receive an email notification asking them to provide input to the UComm team.

  3. If additional information is needed, the UComm team will schedule a consultation with the stakeholder and the Communications Liaison. 

  4. If approved, the work is scheduled for production and the requestor will be notified when work is completed. If the request is not approved the team will recommend possible alternatives.

Intake Workflow