Importance of SEO

SEO, Defined

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the process of growing the quality and quantity of your website traffic by making sure your website is visible on search engines.

High ranking pages:

  1. Have quality content (it answers their questions using their keywords/phrases)
  2. Are updated, current and accurate
  3. Offer a high quality user experience, including mobile
  4. Link to other trusted sites, and conversely

Why is SEO Important?

Search is #1 way visitors find our web content.

Piechart showing the importance of SEO (largest number if users come to pages using search)

Nursing (BSN) -

How do your pages rank?

Conduct an SEO Audit

Open a private browser window (in Chrome, File > New Incognito Window.) Enter keywords/phrases your students would use. (i.e. when is the app state application due?)

  • Is your page on the first page of results?
  • What sites/pages are above it?
  • Want to move up? SEO techniques can help.

Want to Move Up? SEO Techniques Can Help

Our Shared Content

Students move between our web pages, how smooth is the transition? Are we answering their questions at each step?

Example: Google search > Top tier program page > Department page > Top tier Apply page > Admissions page (exit)

Let's partner on this important content to ensure the best possible user experience!