Content for recruitment

What is the best enrollment content for our primary audience? (Think external not internal.)

The #1 best thing to do: make sure your information is up to date.

  • Review your content often
    • Can prospective students quickly find the information that matters to them?
    • Are you addressing questions students care about most, in the format they favor?
    • Is use of your website equally engaging on all device types?
  • Simplify, text should be clear and concise to maximize readability
  • Remove wordy graphics, tables and PDFs
  • Remove unused, out of date pages and content from your site

Content to Feature

  • (Instead of: What makes your program or area unique?WHY should a prospective student study XX at App State instead of anywhere else?
    • Student experience
    • Profiles/Testimonials
    • Support and resources
    • Point back to top-tier pages
  • Resist urge to come up with new marketing ideas- stick with the WHY

Content for Adult Learners

  • Emphasize flexibility and career advancement.
  • This audience connects well with outcomes-driven content.
  • They need to see themselves in the audience- photography, testimonials, etc.