Content management

Building a Digital Strategy for Your Website

  • Are you addressing questions students care about most, in formats that they favor?
  • Can prospective students quickly find the information that matters most to them?
  • Are you using website data to learn about your audience and to boost engagement?
  • Can your content also be used in social media, email campaign, news article, etc.?

Use these resources to create a website that is:

  • Audience focused
  • Earns top search results
  • Goal specific
  • Developed for multi-channel distribution

Optimizing Web Content for Enrollment

This information introduce strategies and tools to improve enrollment-focused web content across the domain.

  • Define primary audience and learn more about them
  • Learn how to create content for recruitment (also see Writing for the Web)
  • Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important?
  • Put Google Ananlytics (GA) to work!
  • Resources & Best Practices to manage website content