Yosef head

yosef head

The Yosef head trademark communicates Appalachian school spirit. It is used on a wide range of informal print pieces, products, and Web applications.

Yosef head guidelines

Do 👍

  • Do use for informal occasions. When a bolder, more informal look is desired, the Yosef head should be used, particularly by student groups and alumni organizations.
  • Do apply the ® registered symbol. The Yosef head is a registered trademark. The ® symbol must be applied when printed on merchandise. It is a best practice to always include the registered symbol.
  • Do keep the Yosef head aspect ratio. Lock the aspect ratio of the Yosef head trademark when resizing. It should never be stretched or distorted. 

Don't 👎

  • Don't recreate the Yosef head. The Yosef head trademark must be reproduced from official artwork. You can't change any element proportions or color.
  • Don't substitute or reverse the colors.
  • Don't add elements to the Yosef head.
  • Don't style the Yosef head. An outline, drop shadow, or bevel should not be used on the Yosef head trademark, and the perspective view should not be altered. 
  • Don't flip the orientation of the Yosef head. The Yosef head must always face left.
  • Don't use the Yosef head on the official university letterhead or business card.


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